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Take the advantage of our cutting-edge solutions to increase your Return of Investment on IT
As software engineering is a layered technology, the software development lifecycle is vital for every software development company. At ICTmate we optimise the whole life-cycle of software development in order to deliver timely and manageable development. This life-cycle includes analysis, design, development, test and deployment.

SSoftware life cycle

Software analysis

Software analysis is the most critical phase of the software development lifecycle. In this phase we spend as much time as required with you to gather your requirements in order to understand the nature of the project. Our expertise in software development will ensure that we asked all the right questions from you in order to understand all functional specifications of the project. To analyse the software, we produce diagrams and user friendly models in which even a non technical person will understand it. The conceptual data model will help both of us to get a clear idea about your requirements; to prevent the hidden needs. We are using the highest technology tools that help developers and designers to analyse and visualize your application’s requirements.

Software design

The software design phase is to find a solution to meet your requirements. We translate your requirements to the desired software requests. We generate a prototype of the software and by presenting it to you will make sure that they will meet all the specifications. Presenting the prototype will help you to visualize your project. At this stage you can add more specifications or make changes to any of them.

Software development

We implement most of our projects with Microsoft .Net technology since we are expert in it. We have developed lots of web/windows applications projects by using Microsoft .Net technology. Microsoft .Net is a cutting edge technology and we are making ourselves up to date with the latest .Net technology. Our web development and bespoke software development techniques are based on the latest technology which will help you to keep up-to-date in the market.

Software test

Implementation is not the end of our software development process. We make sure that each piece of the project works properly by unit testing. The correctness of each part will be checked with us by Test Driven development technology.


Here are some of our most important technical capabilities:

  • SQl Server 2008,2010
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • Microsoft Ajax
  • Microsoft WPF
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • Crystal reports
  • .Net Web services
  • .Net Windows Services
  • Multi lingual, Multi culture applications

and lots more ...

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